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ADV 319 October 16 Lifestyles The lifestyle that I chose from the website from the 78704 zip code for Austin was the Bohemian Mix. This group of people are young college graduates, of mixed ethnicities, who are fairly liberal in as far as their political leanings as well as their lifestyles. These are the people are at the beginning of all the trends and lead fast paced, funky lifestyles. Whether single, or coupled, still in college, or graduates these people are always on the go and always looking for something new.
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Unformatted text preview: The ad that I chose for this group of people is an ad for Newport Pleasure Cigarettes. The center of this ad pictures young, hip people on stage performing in their band, being fun and funky, and appearing to really be enjoying life. The diversity in the ad and their style of dress speaks directly to those who enjoy the Bohemian Mix lifestyles – they are of multiple races, uninhibited, and extroverted, and are enjoying living a fast paced lives....
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