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ANT 345C week 7 paper - ANT 345C October 18 Writing...

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ANT 345C October 18 Writing Assignment: Week 7 This week’s reading Meaning and Memory: Reading the Urban Text by Stevenson highlights three different disciples of studying modern cities and how each of these has built on top of one another and continue to shape the way postmodern urban cities and cultures are studied. City space is seen as various ‘texts’ that, “we inscribed with the multifaceted, sometimes overlapping, traces of time, experience, and use,” and over the years 3 particular theorists have developed their own disciplines of studying these ‘texts’. Roland Barthe developed a theory of “signification and symbolic meaning,” where the, “many fundamental social ideologies and values are embedded in cultural artifacts and practices but are rarely evident – these are the ‘mythologies’ of everyday life.” His theory focuses on interpreting the relationship between the signifier and the
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  • Fall '07
  • JohnHartigan
  • Urban area, Michel de Certeau, social ideologies, postmodern urban cities, fundamental social ideologies

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