ANT345C - week 9 paper - ANT 345C November 1 Reading...

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ANT 345C November 1 Reading Summary: Week 9 Sharon Zukin’s Culture of Cities discussed the symbolic economy of cities, citing culture as an economic base, how Disney World is the prototypical model for modern day cities to be transformed into virtual reality theme parks, how the restaurant industry is an important cultural phenomenon, and how shopping spaces are significant indicators of public culture. Zukin argues that the shape and form of public spaces is crafted by both the cultural symbols within the city as well as entrepreneurial capital. She says, “ Building a city depends on how people combine the traditional economic factors of land, labor, and capital. But it also depends on how they manipulate symbolic languages of exclusion and entitlement.” Disney World, she says, is the prime model for the new way that large urban cities are being shaped. It institutes a visual coherence and uses its influence of cultural power to implement social control. Zukin says Disney World is important because, ‘it
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ANT345C - week 9 paper - ANT 345C November 1 Reading...

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