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ANT345C Nov 15 Writing Assignment: Week 11 Chapters 5 of Barrio Dreams by Arlene Davila discusses the cultural and political conflicts that arise between Mexican Americans and Puerto Ricans who occupy the same spaces within El Barrio in New York City. Chapter 6 then focuses on the commercialization of El Barrio and the effects and relationship it has on other visual elements in the city, namely graffiti, or street art, that covers the outdoor walls of buildings as a means of cultural expression. Davila begins chapter 5 by stating that Mexicans are the fastest growing population within the city and have a stronghold of merchants and community organizations and yet have minimal representation politically. There are growing conflicts within El Barrio between Mexicans and Puerto Ricans that, she states, “are mediated by existing racial and ethnic hierarchies that are shaped by racialist processes in
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Unformatted text preview: the United States and in Latin America and also have particular manifestations that are historically and regionally situated. In chapter 6, Davila states that advertising within the neighborhood serves as an, “entry point into the cultural politics of space in El Barrio and of trends towards marketable ethnicity,” and are becoming inextricably linked to the transformations that are happening in El Barrio which are then being contested by street artists within the community. She states, “Against outdoor marketing promotion of marketable ethnicity, street artists vie for validation and public space; their works are an important economic resource for local artists in addition to being important conduits for debates over the area’s transformations.”...
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