ANT 345C - week 8 paper

ANT 345C - week 8 paper - city such as literature movies...

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ANT 345C October 25 Writing Assignment: Week 8 This week’s reading, Imagining the City: Movies, Maps, and Cyberspace , by Stevenson illuminates three ways in which the city is imagined and represented and what underlining social relationships and ideologies of the urban space are hidden throughout them. The first form of representation is the mapping of cities, which have a, “long history that simultaneously transcends, unites, and divides cultures and constructs ‘places’.” Not only are maps created for locating purposes, but they, “flatten difference and variety,” by creating a ‘concept city’ where aspects of urban life are excluded, thus becoming a, “ ‘still life portrait’ of the city.” Once this representation has been created, it stands to both be viewed as, and shapes, reality simultaneously. The second groupings of representations are the various modes of art within the
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Unformatted text preview: city such as literature, movies, and artwork. Stevenson argues that all genres of art within the popular media, “ remain influential sources of images and ideas of urbanism and the urban landscape – they are intriguing markers of imagined urban cultures,” and have helped clarify personal meanings of modernity which are divided into the categories of ‘pro-urban’ and ‘anti-urban’, or the ‘inner city and the suburbs’. Lastly, cyberspace is argued to be the third representation of the city. Stevenson says, “cyberspace is frequently regarded as facilitating the development of new forms of community and social engagement, which are routed as being highly democratic and free of the limitations of physical space.” It is argued that cyberspace will eventually replace the actual urban spaces of town squares, libraries, museums, and schools....
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ANT 345C - week 8 paper - city such as literature movies...

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