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BIO Review sheet Exam 1 507 Spring 2008

BIO Review sheet Exam 1 507 Spring 2008 - Review sheet...

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Review sheet 507—exam #1 Capítulo 1----Capítulo 7 Format of exam A. Listening comprehension part I. Paragraph-listening comprehension : First you will be given some time to go over the questions about a passage that you will hear. Your instructor will play a recording of a dialogue that contains vocabulary words from the chapters you have studied. It will be played twice. You will listen to the dialogue and take notes while your instructor plays it, and then you will be given time to answer the questions about the passage. You might also have to write a small paragraph that relates to the passage. B . Writing Part: Each section focuses on a different concept, and you have probably seen most of these types of activities in class activities, the text book and the SAM. The instructions will clearly state what grammar concept you will be using. In this section, there will be a variety of activities such as: --Write complete sentences using a certain grammar concept --Complete a dialogue using appropriate responses --Choose the correct verb and fill in the blank There will be several writing activities, and you will use vocabulary and grammar concepts that you have learned in this class.
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