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ANT 345C October 11 Writing Assignment: Week 6 Fortified Enclaves by Teresa P. R. Caldeira brings to light the relatively recent phenomenon of fortified, segregated communities in large urban cities. While those who live in the enclaves see no problem with their building of relatively autonomous communities, Caldeira points out many social and economic problems. The creation of these fortified enclaves, she says, has produced new forms of social segregation and changed the quality of public life within the city. The enclaves are private, secured, communities specifically designed for upper-middle and upper class people who have developed great fear with regards to crime and the poor and working classes. The enclaves are specifically built to keep certain people out while allowing others in. While this is a problem in and of itself, there lies another, ironic, problem
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Unformatted text preview: embedded within it. While the intended use of these fortified enclaves is to keep the poor and working class away from their more affluent counterparts, the enclaves require service industry workers to run the massive communities. So in the upper-class’ attempt to physically separate themselves from those with lower social status, they become dependent on those very people to maintain their level of separation and quality of life. Fortified enclaves are developed out of an intense yearning for social segregation by those affluent enough to pay for it. A physical barrier is erected to produce not only social segregation but spatial segregation as well. This results in a decrease of social interactions between different classes....
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