studyguide1 - Advertising agency jobs Agency payment...

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Characteristics of effective adverting Advertising definition Johannes Gutenberg, Volney Palmer, Francis Ayer, Leo Burnett WWI impact on advertising industry Advertisings economic role Ethics Social criticisms of advertising – puffery, offensive, subliminal and the rest U.S. Constitution and advertising Supreme Court cases – what impact did they have Who can regulate advertising? (Gov. is only one) FTC – what do they do, know what “deception” and “unfair” mean. FTC – remedies for deceptive advertising FDA FCC NARC, NAD, NARB, CARU – who are they and what do they do? Local vs. national advertisers Different types of advertising agencies Advertising industry players
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Unformatted text preview: Advertising agency jobs Agency payment methods Agency payment computation Decentralized vs. centralized advertiser structure Department vs. group advertising agency structure How agencies get clients Factors that impact the client/agency relationship Target market – definition Types of market selection strategies – undifferentiated and segmented Different ways to segment a market – user status, usage rate, benefit and all the rest. VALS Total product concept Marketing mix Product life cycle Brand equity – and what does a brand mean? Product differentiation Place (Distribution) options Brand positioning...
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studyguide1 - Advertising agency jobs Agency payment...

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