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1. xls format:  Used to get an integrated timeline for the entire intelligence data Was very helpful as a preliminary tool of visualization and a base for  further analysis  2. Informal Graph: Used for the direct mapping of xls data into graphical representation   Though it was a very informal representation used during the initial plot  of the xls data, it served as the base to reach to the hypothesis  3. Formal Concept Map: Used to plot the who, what, where, when related to each person and the  relationships between all these people involved Started   with   this   tool   with   a   impression   that   it   would   be   helpful   in  analyzing the data to reach the hypothesis. But did not find very effective. 
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Unformatted text preview: • (add something more to it) 4. Reduced Graph/Concept Map: • This is the optimized version of the informal graph to highlight the core of the conspiracy which is also our hypothesis 5. Geographical Map: • Used to represent various mappings and associations involved: 1. person -> location 2. person -> person 3. location -> location • We started using this map while analyzing the xls data and found it very effective as it gave the notion of various connections in terms of geographical positions. Served as a very useful tool to reach our hypothesis....
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