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Biological Sciences 010                Concepts of Biology           Practice Questions Week 1            Page 1 of 3 Spring 2008 Biology Learning Skills Center Concepts of Biology: Analysis, Enrichment, and Review Biological Sciences 010: Section for Non-Biology Majors Allen D. MacNeill, Instructor Practice Questions for Week 1 Caution! There is only one correct answer per question! Lecture #1 (Mon21Jan08): What Is Life? L1.1) Which of the following is not a characteristic of living organisms? ….... a) the ability to move as the result of changes inside the organism ….... b) the ability to exchange energy and materials with the external environment ….... c) the ability to grow and change over time ….... d) the ability to reproduce ….... e) all of these are characteristics of living organisms L1.2) Which of the following statements about life and living organisms is false ? ….... a) life requires a special “life force” not found in non-living things ….... b) living things are made of the same materials as non-living things ….... c) the difference between life and non-life is the result of organization, ….... not different materials ….... d) a constant input of energy and materials is necessary to maintain life ….... e) living organisms can respond actively to changes in their surroundings L1.3) What is an emergent property ? ….... a) a property that only emerges in living things ….... b) a property that can be completely explained by physical laws ….... c) a property that can be completely explained by chemical laws
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Practice_Questions_Week_1_Fri25Jan08 - Biological Sciences...

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