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Biological Sciences 010                Concepts of Biology           Practice Questions Week 4            Page 1 of 2 Spring 2008 Biology Learning Skills Center Concepts of Biology: Analysis, Enrichment, and Review Biological Sciences 010: Section for Non-Biology Majors Allen D. MacNeill, Instructor Practice Questions for Week 4 Caution! There is only one correct answer per question! Lecture #10 (Mon11Feb08): Cellular Respiration L10.1) Cellular respiration ….... a) always requires the participation of mitochondria ….... b) always requires oxygen and produces carbon dioxide …... . c) is a process by which cells synthesize ATP using the energy stored in carbohydrates ….... d) always involves breathing (gas exchange) across a moist membrane ….... e) is a process by which cells synthesize glucose using non-photosynthetic pathways L10.2) Which of the following statements about glycolysis is false ? ….... a) the anaerobic respiration of glucose yields a net production of two ATP molecules ….. .. b) the final end product of glycolysis is carbon dioxide and water ….... c) glycolysis begins with glucose and ends with pyruvic acid (pyruvate) ….... d) glycolysis does not require the participation of mitochondria ….... e) glycolysis occurs in all living cells L10.3) Which of the following are not associated correctly? ….... a) anaerobic respiration / net yield of 2 ATP per glucose
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Practice_Questions_Week_4_Fri15Feb08 - Biological Sciences...

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