EAPS 100 Homework 3.pdf - Name Homework 3 EAPS 10000 Y01 Planet Earth Online Course Homework 3 6\/18(June 2018 Prof L Braile RADIOACTIVE DECAY AGE DATING

EAPS 100 Homework 3.pdf - Name Homework 3 EAPS 10000 Y01...

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Name ____________ Homework 3 EAPS 10000 Y01 Planet Earth Online Course Homework 3 6/18 (June, 2018, Prof. L. Braile) RADIOACTIVE DECAY, AGE DATING, GEOLOGIC TIME (30 points) A. Radioactive Decay OBJECTIVE: This activity illustrates the concepts of radioactive decay of elements, half-life and how the age of a radioactive-element-bearing rock is determined. The exercise also is an opportunity to review/practice the basic science skills of observation (measurement), analysis (graphing), and inference. See pages 262-265 in Lutgens and Tarbuck, 2017 (pages 284-287, L&T, 2014). MATERIALS: You will need 50 pennies, 50 matches (toothpicks with one end of each toothpick marked with a felt pen will also work) and a shoebox (or similar box, a square box with lid works best) to complete this activity. For convenience, if you choose, you can work together with 1-2 other students so you will only need one set of materials, but each of you will need to collect your own data and complete and submit the homework assignment separately. PROCEDURE: Part I Place the coins in the box with all coins turned to "heads" up. Record the total number (50) as the number of parent radioactive atoms at time equals zero. Shake the box well ( up and down , not side to side as the coins might just slide and not flip over). After shaking (representing one time period), remove all of the coins which end up as "tails". These coins represent the atoms which have decayed and thus are daughter isotopes. The "heads", coins remaining in the box represent the parent atoms that have survived the time period without decaying. Record the number of remaining "parent'" coins in the box. Repeat the shaking and coin removal process until only a few coins remain in the box. Record the number of "parent" coins at the end of each step.

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