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Kristen Wolbrink ARLT 101g 11/22/05 Journal 9 Parody in Blood Shot One example of a parody is in Blood Shot when Sara Paretsky makes a reference to Sherlock Holmes. When Victoria goes back to the pond where Nancy’s body had been dumped to look for clues she says, “Sherlock Holmes no doubt would have spotted the telltale cigarette butt, the gravel from another country that didn’t belong here, the fragment of a missing envelope” (117). Victoria then comments that she cannot find any such things that actually mean anything to her. Her search for such scrupulous detail ends with nothing further and this scene is to show that Victoria is not the kind of detective who can find a small detail and solve everything. Paretsky is mocking Sherlock Holmes about how he tends to find the smallest detail and
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Unformatted text preview: can put two things together that is unrealistic in the real world and would never lead to such rapid conclusions. Victoria is very different than Sherlock Holmes in that she does not pay attention to the small details but spends her time talking to people and interpreting them through psychology. She is much more physical and her detective character centers on the body, while Sherlock’s character centers on the mind. The knowledge of Sherlock Holmes and his character is important to understand this references as is always in a parody. When we understand how Sherlock thinks and acts, we can see the humor in relating the two as they are not alike at all even though they are both detectives who find the resolution to the mystery through two separate paths....
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