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Paper 1 Who is the Monster

Paper 1 Who is the Monster - Wolbrink 1 Kristen Wolbrink...

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Wolbrink 1 Kristen Wolbrink The Monster and The Detective 28 September 2005 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, the Monster The definition of a monster is a creature having a strange or frightening appearance and inspires horror and disgust. Monsters can be human or can stray far from human characteristics. Society most often categorizes a monster as anything that does not fit into the norm, an outcast that often has physical abnormalities. In the novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , Robert Stevenson describes one man with two different sides, one being portrayed as a monster and the other as an individual that is highly regarded within society. According to the standard definition, Mr. Hyde is the monster in this novel. However, I believe that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are one in the same and are both the monster, only Dr. Jekyll hides the monster within through upholding the standards of society. In addition, I will demonstrate how Mr. Hyde in this novel represents the evil side of Dr. Jekyll in which the evil begins to take over the body of Dr. Jekyll once it is set free and he forever loses the balance he once had. When we begin the novel, we first learn of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as being two friends. However, as we move through the story, we learn that Mr. Hyde is actually a transformation of Dr. Jekyll. Looking at their different life styles, their characteristics, and even that they have separate residences, it appears that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are two separate people trapped in one body. These two are so different that one could say they are like night, Mr. Hyde, and day, Dr. Jekyll. However, I believe that these two very different personalities are actually one person, Dr. Jekyll representing the side that he wants others to see and Mr. Hyde representing who Dr.
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Wolbrink 2 Jekyll is on the inside. Mr. Hyde is the true soul of Dr. Jekyll and once set free, refuses to continue hiding behind the body that lives to uphold Dr. Jekyll’s reputation. In the novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , we immediately see that Mr. Hyde is the monster of the story in both physical and mental characteristics. He is also portrayed as the monster through the actions that he commits. Mr. Utterson describes Mr. Hyde after meeting him for the first time as giving “an impression of deformity without any nameable malformation, he had a displeasing smile… and he spoke with a husky, whispering and somewhat broken voice” (12). As noted, Mr. Hyde has many characteristics that together can be seen as characteristics of a monster, as being disfigured and apart from the norm. Mr. Hyde did not have extreme characteristics that were much different than others, but it was a combination of his voice, the hissing, his apparel of oversized clothing, his smile, his pale skin, and his dwarfish size that drew an awkward attention to himself when in public. It was also the feeling that he gave off to others
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Paper 1 Who is the Monster - Wolbrink 1 Kristen Wolbrink...

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