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Meghan Irwin Dance 2010 When the audience first encounters performers pounding on trash cans, a good musical is not one thing that comes to mind. Surprisingly, the musical Stomp takes banging on trash cans to a whole new level. During the musical, performers compose music by non other than playing on steel/plastic trash cans and apartment building stairs. Not only do the instruments look rugged but the costumes do as well. All the performers including men and women wear overalls, ripped up jeans, and wife beaters to make this street life scene seem more realistic. Never once does the music bore the audience. The beat and sound is constantly changing that there is never a dull moment in this musical. Sometimes during the performance, one of the performers will interact with the audience by having them clap along or repeat a beat. By interacting with the audience, the audience feels more involved
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Unformatted text preview: in the musical and seems to enjoy it more. Yes, Stomp is a musical, however not much dancing is done. The choreographer’s type of dancing in the musical is like sliding across the floor or kicking one leg up when a certain beat is played. There is no step ball-change or lindy hop throughout the musical. I have a feeling that the choreographer did not want big dance combinations in Stomp for the reason that it would take the focus away from the music. Stomp is so music based that dancing would only cause a disruption in the whole vibe of the musical. I have seen Stomp before live and all I can say is that there is no other musical like it. It is just amazing how people can compose such great beats by just banging on a trash can. The musical Stomp is a great example of how some of the lowest class people can be some of the most talented people in the area....
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