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Term Project Proposal, BioEE/MATH 362 Spring 2008 Submit a typed, roughly 1-2 page proposal for your term project, as a hardcopy , in lecture on Thursday the week after Spring break. The project will center on a scientific research paper or few (2-3) closely related papers in which dynamic models are used to address a biological question. In the project, you will Review the biological background and scientific questions addressed (this will probably require reading beyond your focal papers). Describe the focal paper(s) (their goal, methods and models, results and conclusions) Carry the work a step further – either by modifying one of their models, or using it in a new way – and report on your findings. This needs to be a new piece of work – you’ll have to check the subsequent literature to make sure that somebody else hasn’t already done what you’re planning to do. A detailed description of the project is posted on the course Blackboard page.
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