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MKTG_-_Chapter_14 - Chapter 14 Retailing and Wholesaling...

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Chapter 14 – Retailing and Wholesaling Retailing – all activities involved in selling, renting, and providing goods and services to ultimate consumers for personal, family, or household use Consumer Utilities Offered by Retailing o Utilities provided by retailers create value for consumers. o Time, place, form, and possession utilities are offered by most retailers in varying degrees, but one utility is often emphasized more than others o Many retailers offer a combination of the four basic utilities Classifying Retail Outlets o Form of ownership – distinguishes retail outlets based on whether individuals, corporate chains, or contractual systems own the outlets o Level of service – used to describe the degree of service provided to the customer o Merchandise line – describes how many different type of products a store carries and in what assortment Form of Ownership o Independent Retailer One of the most common forms of retail ownership is the independent business, owned by an individual The advantage of this form of ownership for the owner is that he or she can be his or her own boss o Corporate Chain The corporate chain, involves multiple outlets under common ownership Centralization in decision making and purchasing is common o Contractual Systems Independently owned stores that band together to act like a chain Three types: Retailer-sponsored cooperatives Wholesaler-sponsored voluntary chains Franchises Level of Service o Self-Service The customer performs many functions and is provided by the outlet o Limited Service Provide some services, such as credit and merchandise return, but not others, such as clothing alterations Customers are responsible for most shopping activities, although salespeople are available in departments Type of Merchandise Line o Depth of Product Line Store carries a large assortment of each item Stores that carry a considerable assortment (depth) of a related line of items are limited-line stores Stores that carry tremendous depth in one primary line of merchandise are single-line stores Specialty discount outlets focus on one type of product
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These outlets are referred in the trade as category killers because they often dominate the market o Breadth of Product Line Refers to the variety of different items a store carries General merchandise stores - stores that carry a broad product line, with limited depth scrambled merchandising –
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