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Brent Beaver Out-of-Class Assignment #8 Relationships – Chapter 6 1. What is the first step in having a healthy relationship? What are the four components of a healthy relationship? A positive self worth. Open communication. Compromise. Trust. 2. List warning signs of an unhealthy relationship. You feel insecure and weak around each other. You suffer from low self esteem as a result of what happens b/t you. You are dishonest with each other. You are unable to resolve you differences together. 3. Describe the cycle of abuse. Why is it difficult for the victim to end the relationship? The honeymoon, the tension, and the explosion phase. The person has low self esteem and they feel no one else will put up with them. 4. Go to What did you find? The womens resource center. Sexuality – Chapter 7 5. Give an example of a barrier method that can be used to prevent pregnancy and an example of a hormonal method that can be used to prevent pregnancy? Condom. Birth control.
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