lecture 10-4 - 1. Life instincts ( biological urges),...

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M- Milkie- influence of Media on M- Adolescence 1. Impulsive, creative, reaction Me- object; receiver of the action organized / socialized part of the personality. Freud- Major components: 1. Central role of sexual instinct 2. Role-plays by unconscious in shaping behavior He distinguished 3- levels of consciousness: Conscious Preconscious Unconscious- significant, motivating factor behind human behavior Concepts to understand personality: Id- inherited, unconscious, present at time of birth avoids pain, immediate gratification, no morality,
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Life instincts ( biological urges), sexual instincts 2. Death/ destructive instincts aggressive/ destructive instincts Ego- narcissistic Superego- interjection of whole cultures values and norms. Similar to Durkheim/ Marx social class. I ID Individual society Me Superego MEAD Central idea of functional analysis Symbolic interactionism Conflict perspective Clock time cultures Objectivity in social research 40 multiple choice/ 3 essays...
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lecture 10-4 - 1. Life instincts ( biological urges),...

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