lecture 10-16 - Observable characteristics(i.e appearance...

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Lecture 10-16 Dramaturgy: social interaction as theatre Impression management -- IM an act of presenting a favorable public image so that others will form positive judgments—IM is a tool to present ourselves as liable people. According to Goffman: people are like ACTORS on the stage AUDIENCE includes people who observe the behavior of others ROLES are the images people try to project SCRIPT consists their communication with others GOAL is to enact a performance that is believable to a particular audience and that allows us to achieve goals desired Props – objects used to present image FRONT STAGE: You maintain the appropriate appearance as you interact with others— you’re playing a role BACK STAGE: You can rehearse and rehash you behavior you’re by yourself
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Unformatted text preview: Observable characteristics (i.e. appearance, clothing), verbal and non-verbal communication are all taken into account Group discussions Group 1: Women are targeted because you have stay at home moms watching more TV. It’s more profitable to target women because they can buy things that men and women would buy where as men can only buy things that are made for them. Women feel like they need to compete so US society does put more pressure on women than men to conform to a standard of beauty. Group2: On TV skinny is a big trend and skinny is the most favorable. Dorm room- backstage. Small talk- script. Cafeteria- front stage. Props- book, phone, bag. Group3: Lecture 10-16...
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lecture 10-16 - Observable characteristics(i.e appearance...

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