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Group Discussion 11-1 - Colonialists in the third world...

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Group Discussion 11-1 Test will ask us to write a short essay about the first film. Be able to relate sociological concepts. Foundations of third world poverty Modernization theory Dependency Theory World System Theory Authors Argument: Dependency theorists argument that the Third Worlds economic structure formed by imperialism leaves the vast majority of people there in desperate poverty even today is correct. Before the arrival of the imperialists, the majority of the people of the Third world were involved in producing food for their own HOWEVER As a result of industrialization and development of capitalism. Europe required new sources of primary agricultural commodities to feed the urban labor force and to provide raw materials for the factories. Imperialism produced a world of economic specialization Manufacturing in Europe (core) Ag. And mining production in the Third World (periphery)
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Unformatted text preview: Colonialists in the third world often faced intensive labor shotages SOLUTIONS Slave trade Indentured service Europeans also devised way of forcing the local ppl to work for them e.g. dutch in Indonesia. The cultural system. A kind of throwback to euro. Medieval feudalism. Native ppl were required to devote a certain portion their land and labor An enormous sys. Of worldwide trade in primary commodities grew up It was a sys. That depended upon impoverished laber forces Income was earned in the colonies from these export ind. But it was not earned by the working people who might have been able to use it creatively to improve their lives Alienation It was earned by upper and middle classes, who used it to inc. their consumption Local income generated by imperialist trade went into the hands of an well off minority of the pop....
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