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Group Discussion session 10-18-07 Obedience EXPERIMENT: Study of 40-ish year old males at Yale University in the 1950’s testing obedience. Put two middle aged males in a room together; one is the learner and one is the teacher. The teacher believes that the learner is hooked up to an electric shocking machine and he has to repeat words the teacher says to him, if he gets something wrong he will be shocked. The learner was an accomplice of the experiment. He was not getting shocked. His voice was previously recorded and that was played back as the teacher “shocked’ him. RESULTS: Early results show no significance. As the experiment goes the teachers has a problem continuing because the learner was in
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Unformatted text preview: pain. • All the teachers hear the learner say, “get me out of here, my heart is starting to hurt right now, please get me out of her” • 14 of 47 subjects show signs of nervous laughing and said that they did not think it was funny • Before the post experiment interview subjects were asked to fill out a survey asking them about their anxiety and the amount of pain they think the learner experienced on a 14 point scale. • Psychologist predicted that 1/10 th of subjects would go to the highest level of shock. But actually 50% of the teachers obeyed the leader of the experiment and went to the highest level of shock....
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