lecture 11-8 - Lecture 11-8 Ideology Versus Force...

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Lecture 11-8 Ideology Versus Force Controlling Ideas Medieval Europe was a good example of the power of ideology. The estate sytem gave nobility all the land which meant they had all the power. The serfs farmed the land and tended the livestock. The reason that the serfs never rebelled was because the nobility and clergy developed an ideology known as the divine right of kings which said that the kings authority came directly from god and to rebel was a sin against god. They cotrolled their ideas rather than cotrolling them by brute force. The eilite remains securely in power so long as religious leaders and schools all around the world preach favorably of them (respecting our authority, which is the best.) Controlling Information and Using Technology Dictators maintain power through fear, killing and toturing reporters who oppose them. The use reporters to release or withhold certain information in their favor. New technology such as security cameras and face-recognition scanning systems allow the elite to monitor citizens’ activities. However, technology such as the internet and satellite communications do not have boundaries (it can pass info from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world) therefore the elite have no may to control them. Social Stratification in Great Britain GB’s class system consists of an evenly split lower and middle class and a small (1%) population of upper class citizens. Britains are very class conscious and can recognize someone class simply by listening to people’s speech. Education is the primary way by which the British perpetuate their class system from one generation to the next. Social Stratification in the Former Soviet Union
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lecture 11-8 - Lecture 11-8 Ideology Versus Force...

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