Geol_1004_Fall_07_Syllabus - 6 Th Weathering/Sediments...

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Physical Geology 1004: Fall 2007 Tuesday/Thursday 11:00-12:15 Graduate Life Ctr Dnldsn Brown 64 Instructor: A.K.Sinha, Professor of Geology and Geoinformatics Office: 1089 Derring, [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday: 9-10, or by appointment Text: Earth Portrait of a Planet   Grading: 2 Quizzes (25% each) and a Final (50%) Grades are not curved!!! A>90, B>80, C>70, D>60, F<60 THE HONOR SYSTEM WILL BE UPHELD IMPORTANT DATES: ALL EXAMS HELD IN GLCDB 64 QUIZ 1: SEPTEMBER 18 QUIZ 2: NOVEMBER 1     Final: December 10, 2007   7:45 a.m.- 9:45 a.m. Course philosophy: share with you the science of Geology, and why geologists seek to   learn more about the earth
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Physical Geology 1004: Fall 2007 August 21 T Introduction: History of Geologic Sciences 23 Th Chemical and physical properties of the earth 28 T Atoms and Minerals 30 Th* T-X (Plagioclase) September 4 T Igneous rocks: Sources, forms, diversity
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Unformatted text preview: 6 Th Weathering/Sediments: soils 11 T Sedimentary: rocks: Depositional environments 13 Th Metamorphism: Thermal-pressure history of rocks 18 T QUIZ 1 20 Th Movie: Plate Tectonics 25 T Structure of rocks: deformation processes and record of deformation 27 Th Geologic Time October 2 T Geologic Maps 4 Th Earthquakes: Location, causes, prediction 9 T Structure of Earth 11 Th** Applied Geology-Geophysical exploration and resources 16 T Plate Tectonics 18 Th** Nuclear energy and Nuclear waste disposal, 23 T** Coles Hill Uranium Deposit 25 Th** Appalachian Geology……… 30 T Movie: Beaches are Moving November 1 Th QUIZ 2 6 T** Geology of Virginia… 8 Th Water : Groundwater, Rivers 13 T . Water : Oceans 15 Th** Resources and geology. . 27 T** EarthScope 29 Th** Geoinformatics: towards a digital Earth December 4 T Review **INFORMATION NOT IN YOUR TEXTBOOK, ATTENDANCE USEFUL...
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Geol_1004_Fall_07_Syllabus - 6 Th Weathering/Sediments...

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