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Essay3�Fall 2007 - English 1105-Fall 2007 Professor...

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English 1105—Fall 2007 Professor George Essay 3 with Visual Project Nov. 5 – 7 Although we will not meet in class, you are required to meet with one of the three Graduate Teaching Assistants in our class—Jeff Spicer, Amy Vance, or Luke Pruitt. Sign up for conferences by Friday, Nov. 2, at the latest. To prepare for that conference, write a one-page proposal for your topic. This does not at all have to be formal. Instead, it should be a reference tool for you as you draft the paper and plan the project. In it, describe the topic, how you plan to develop it, what might go into the visual part, and what your paper is all about. November 12 Your first complete draft is due. You should bring two copies to class , and it should be a complete draft with as much of the visual completed or planned as possible. One copy you will turn in to me. One copy you will share with a group. November 14 – 16 You will each conference with me. These will be 15 minute conferences in my office—335 Shanks. November 26 Draft 2 is due. Bring one copy. This will be a final draft editing or polishing session. November 28 FINAL PAPER IS DUE WITH ALL DRAFT WORK AND PLACED IN A FOLDER. This final paper should run approximately 7- 9 pages in length. That includes visuals. THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS WILL PRESENT THEIR COMICS ON NOV. 28: Crystal Fatico Scott Grimes Immanuel Hiett Yangxi Liu Tim McAleese John Richards Alex Crisafi Tom Downin The Assignment Since October 12, we have been reading, writing, and thinking about storytelling—both its importance in how we understand the world around us and its visual dimension. I have asked you to think about and work with stories that are a combination of words and images. In that time, you have read Joe Sacco’s “Complacency Kills,” Marjane Satrapi’s, introductory chapter to Persepolis , Marlon Guinto’s “Asian Assimilation” (in CAVT), and portions of
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Essay3�Fall 2007 - English 1105-Fall 2007 Professor...

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