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Key elements of this assignment - Cameron Percia Re-Write...

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Cameron Percia September 17, 2007 Re-Write Essay Setting the Example Professor Today in human history, as in our collected documented past, the world is in conflict. Not only is there conflict, but it is so widely spread that no one can possible question the death occurring hourly around the world. The United States alone accounts for three active conflicts in the Middle East. We ‘Americans’ like to think we are the best country in the world, with the most respected military ever assembled and the most prosperous population per capita. The United States does have the most well equipped army in the world ( ); it is however, saddening that this brings any American joy. There are fewer than three-hundred documented years of peace in human history. This figure is absolutely staggering to fathom, for we have been documenting our history for over three-thousand years. This conveys an image of continual violence, a never ending plague that brings us all down. The image re-write I have presented is a figure of importance to both the American Military, and a more resounding classical image to United State citizens, Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam and his recruiting posters have been around since the late 1930s. His image came about before one of the most horrific and devastating wars in modern history. The idea was he was the American man. Bearing a resemblance to the beloved father of our country, George Washington, and covered with the American flag, he was
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used to both gain support for the war effort and bring in men to join the army. It worked wonders in recruiting offices during the Second World War, and has remained a symbol of our armed forces for the past seventy years. Uncle Sam's presence in my image rewrite brings the picture right into perspective for my audience. Americans know Uncle Sam and what he represents; the feeling of an inevitable need for a standing army and industrialized economy to keep American’s safe. I am using him to convey a completely opposite image, more than an image, a social stance for peace. Our lives today, whether we like it or not, will be remembered not as individual lives but as the humankind of our nation. What humanity is doing in this specific period of time is what we have always
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Key elements of this assignment - Cameron Percia Re-Write...

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