Evaluating Corporate Diversity Practices - Intel

Evaluating Corporate Diversity Practices - Intel - Karan...

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Karan Desai March 24 th 2008 Section 4 Evaluating Corporate Diversity Practices - Intel 1. What is the company name? The first company I am interested in exploring is the Intel Corporation. 2. In what industry does the company operate? The Intel Corporation operates in the technology industry 3. How does the company define diversity? The Intel Corporation defines diversity as the power of bringing together diverse cultures, lifestyles, and experiences productively and efficiently in the workplace. 4. What does this company “say” about diversity? (e.g., diversity statement; diversity commitment; diversity values, diversity goals, and/or diversity policies) At Intel, we strive to hire and retain the best talent from an increasingly global and diverse labor pool. We believe this will result in a better understanding of our customers’ needs, better products tailored to those needs, and ultimately advance Intel's global leadership position.” - a message from Paul Otelini, president and chief executive officer of Intel
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