Evaluating Corporate Diversity Practices - Nike

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Karan Desai March 24 th 2008 Section 4 Evaluating Corporate Diversity Practices - Nike 1. What is the company name? The second company I am interested in exploring is Nike. 2. In what industry does the company operate? Nike operates in the sportswear industry and is one of the market leaders in sportswear. 3. How does the company define diversity? Diversity and inclusion mean different things in different countries and to different people. At Nike, Diversity and Inclusion is what drives creativity and innovation. It takes every one of our over 30,000 employees working at the top of their game for Nike to reach its highest potential. And we know that outstanding teams are composed of diverse people, backgrounds and skill sets ” – www.nikebiz.com 4. What does this company “say” about diversity? (e.g., diversity statement; diversity commitment; diversity values, diversity goals, and/or diversity policies) It’s simple. At Nike, we consider diversity and inclusion to be an integral part of our
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