Chapter 9 - Water Essence of our existence The most...

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1 Chapter 9 Water Resources Water Essence of our existence The most critical natural resource supplied by Earth systems Our bodies 70% of water Our daily activities Agriculture Industry A renewable source within the Earth System boundary? Water A renewable source: within the Earth System boundary…but 1.1 billion people lack safe drinking water People in 80 countries face impeding water 2.4 billion lack adequate sanitary facilities Outcome: 1.75 million death/yr due to lack of water 5 million deaths/yr from waterborne infections and diseases e.g., Earth’s weather systems The energy exchange between water and atmosphere Flow of water Links atmosphere, oceans, land, & living things through the exchange of energy and matter e.g., the energy and moisture exchange b/w plants and the atmosphere Climate systems The range of responses from plant communities to climate change Water Water Resources The Hydrologic Cycle Soil-Water-Budget Concept Groundwater Resources Our Water Supply Ocean and Freshwater Distribution
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2 The Hydrologic Cycle An elaborate and global plumping system Operated for billions of years from the lower atmosphere to the several km beneath the Earth’s surface The Hydrologic Cycle The cycle: complex Æ constant movement within the Gigantic Earth System Atmosphere Hydrosphere Lithosphere Biosphere Open or closed system? Powered by? Atmosphere provides the link b/w the ocean and the continents Hydrologic Cycle Model Hydrologic Cycle Model The Hydrologic Model – Water Reservoirs Atmosphere Ocean, lakes, rivers Soil Glaciers and snowfields Ground water The Hydrologic Model – Main Processes Evaporation Transpiration Condensation Precipitation Infiltration Percolation Runoff The Hydrologic Model – Surface Water The pathways of precipitation Flow overland Soaks into soil Interception When precipitation strikes vegetation or other ground cover
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Chapter 9 - Water Essence of our existence The most...

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