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SMART Goals - things those goals aren’t always tangible...

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SMART Goals S- My specific goal is not so specific. I have many career choices in my major field. My major is Ag Communications and Journalism. Any career that involves writing, broadcasting, reporting, or public relations deserves definite consideration on my part. I also am minoring in Theatre Arts. I would love to take up acting as a part time job while starting out. I believe that whatever career I am supposed to end up with, the doors will open. I however, must keep my eye out for them. M- These goals are definitely measurable. I believe that I can accurately judge what I need to do to obtain this career and what will happen in the career field. A- These goals are also achievable. There are so many opportunities in the field of writing and speaking for different companies. I’ve learned already that you don’t have to know everything that you’re writing about. You ask the experts. R- My goals are reality based. Even though we all want to be millionaires and have fancy
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Unformatted text preview: things, those goals aren’t always tangible for the lesser-than-Paris Hilton commoners. My ultimate goals are to become successful but I realize that you don’t get the dream job precisely after college. T- With these goals, I can definitely lay out a timeline. After college I will apply to several companies, newspapers, and magazines. Basically, in journalism, you have to work your way up to the top. Long term, my goals are to get married, and have a career that can support my family. I want a career, not a job. I just want to be happy. I’d rather be poor, dirty, and happy, as to be rich, clean, and miserable. Short term, I want to make it out of this first semester with a GPR of 2.5 or higher! I have to have this in order to keep my scholarships. I have received $45,000 in scholarships and that is the only way I am able to be here. It’s hard but I know I can do it if I study and practice good decision making....
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