Why the Federal Distribution of Power

Why the Federal Distribution of Power - are on the same...

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Why the Federal Distribution of Power When natural disasters occur, like Hurrincane Katrina, the local government isn’t able to deal with the things at hand by itself. The federal government needs to come in and restore order. All emergencies are initially controlled by the local or state government the first 48 to 72 hours. It isn’t until after that that the local government decides that it cannot handle the situation by itself and then requests federal help. Some local and state governments are able to handle some situations by themselves depending on what plans are already in place or the size of the disaster that has occurred, while others it may not be the same because of those same factors. When it is necessary that the federal government needs to come in it is also important that they
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Unformatted text preview: are on the same page with the local government so they are able to get things done effectively. Sometimes there is a need for the military to come in and take over situations. There has been some debate whether the military should be the first to come in when a natural distaster does occur, but that’s not the case because not every natural disaster would need to go as far to bring in troups and take over. State and local governments would not have much power if the military were to be the first on scene so it is unlikely that military will ever be the first to take over. This system allows the local and then state government to decide whether or not it can handle the situation and if not the federal government comes in followed by the military if necessary....
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