recrystallizationlab - Name _Dmitriy Andreev_ Instructor...

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Name ________Dmitriy Andreev________________ Instructor _____Chris Hobbs____________________ Chem __227_______ Section/Color ____Red______ EXPERIMENT: R ECRYSTALLIZATION Date ________09/28/07___________________ POST-LAB QUESTIONS 1. What is the purpose of a hot filtration in a recrystallization? When would a hot filtration step not be necessary in a purification by recrystallization? What experimental observation of the hot solution would let you know that it was not needed? The purpose of hot filtration in a recrystallization is to remove insoluble impurities from the solvent. A hot filtration step would not be necessary when the solvent cools down to room temperature. The majority of the impurities are separated at room temperature. 2. None of the following three compounds has much solubility in water at 25 ° C. However, two of these are appreciably soluble in hot water. Which of the three compounds can we predict, based upon structure, to be the least soluble even in hot water? Explain your
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recrystallizationlab - Name _Dmitriy Andreev_ Instructor...

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