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Industry Night Assignment

Industry Night Assignment - Dmitriy Andreev Team 4 Section...

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Dmitriy Andreev Team 4 Section 512 Industry Night Assignment First Presentation – 7-8pm by Halliburton There were two speakers for the Halliburton presentation and they started off by showing a video of the kinds of tasks the company deals with on a day to day basis but also highlighting the different kinds of jobs offered by the company. The video was fairly interesting as it showed a lot of real life problems that a typical engineer would face during his/her day on the job and there was commentary supplementing the video which briefly summarized the vast amount of opportunities in Halliburton. After the video, the younger speaker talked about what he does in Halliburton and what his average day at work looks like. He was a mechanical engineer and did a lot of work in the field thus he was always on his feet having to carry out a lot of ‘hands on’ work. His day usually started at 4am in the morning and finished by about 2pm but he mentioned that the job is
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