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Integrative Arts- Web Journal 1

Integrative Arts- Web Journal 1 - Kate Daye Integrative...

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Kate Daye Integrative Arts Assignment 1 The Four Different Types of Genre A perfect example of the genre, Farce, is the 1994 film, Dumb and Dumber. Dumb and Dumber is about two completely idiotic single men who are trying to recover from hitting rock bottom, but just keep digging themselves further down in a hole. The movie gains its comedic effect when it becomes evident that the characters aren’t acting realistically towards the occurrences. For example, one segment of the movie goes like this: Harry: “So you get fired again, eh?” Lloyd: “Yeah, they always freak out when you leave the scene of an accident, ya’ know?” Harry: “Yeah, well, I lost my job too.” Lloyd: “Man, you are one pathetic loser. No offense.” Harry: “No, none taken. You know what really chaps my ass though? I spent my life savings turning my van into a dog. The alarm alone cost me two hundred.” Lloyd: “Hey chicks love it. It’s the shaggin’ wagon” When losing their jobs and turning their vehicle into a dog, they come to the conclusion that everything is okay because “chicks love it.” Lloyd and Harry do different things, such as causing themselves and each other physical pain, which in a realistic situation, would be very sad and alarming. Though in the movie, every act is humorous and we have no empathy for Lloyd and Harry. One of them gets his tongue stuck to a poll; the other comes down with projectile diarrhea during a first date and their pet bird’s head falls off. If any of these things were to happen to you or I, we would be in pain and full of devastation. We do not have these feelings for Harry nor Lloyd. We are just left waiting for the next funny occurrence. We feel very detached from the characters and it is predictable that whatever they do is going to have a horrific and hilarious outcome. The movie is considered farce because it is full of laughter and comedic acts, but the characters have no complexity whatsoever. Lloyd and Harry are stereotypes of dumb
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