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Integrative Arts- Web Journal 3 - Kate Daye Web Journal 3...

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Kate Daye Web Journal 3 One would think that two of the greatest American filmmakers would both use similar tricks and tactics, wooing the audience with a common device. That wasn’t the case for Mack Sennett and Charlie Chaplin. Though Chaplin started out under Sennett’s wing, their two styles of comedic film could not be any different. Today, Sennett and Chaplin’s styles are still apparent in modern film. A modern day example of a Sennett style film would be the movie “Anchorman,” starring Will Ferrell. Anchorman has almost no plot, no rhyme or reason to the things that happen. Things just happen because they are funny. Every line and action is written in solely for entertainment purposes. “Anchorman” is a typical farce style comedy. It is formless, gags come out of nowhere, and it is full of unrelated events. When funny and painful things happen to Ron Burgundy, the main character, we feel no pain for him, we laugh at his expense. This is similar to the Sennett movie, “Lizzies of the Field.” Both include mechanical gags, using objects to cause laughter. In “Lizzies of the Field,” a mechanical gag would be when the dynamite blows up, in “Anchorman,” an example of a mechanical gag is when Ron Burgundy pepper sprays himself in the face. Realistically, when we see someone get hurt, we feel sorrow for him or her, we console him or her or wish that it did not happen. In the two movies, “Lizzies of the Field” and “Anchorman”
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Integrative Arts- Web Journal 3 - Kate Daye Web Journal 3...

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