Integrative Arts- Web Journal 5

Integrative Arts- Web Journal 5 - “My Inner Bimbo”...

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Unformatted text preview: “My Inner Bimbo” Written and illustrated by Sam Keith Oni Press, Inc. Vs. “Cross Bronx” By: Michael Avon Oeming and Ivan Brandon For starters, the front of “My Inner Bimbo” has the seal “For older audiences” giving one the idea that it’s going to be dirty and it might be from the silver or post modern age, when censorship wasn’t as strict. In addition, the cover is full of colors; it shows a blonde girl crawling across a floor; though every other page in the book is nothing but pure black and white. Most of the drawings are penciled looking and for lack of a better word, scratchy. The one thing that is contradicting though is that some of the faces that he has drawn look like cartoons and then others look almost as real as a black and white photo, giving it a great sense of verisimilitude. There is a great scene where ariel perspective is used, in which it shows Lo sitting on a hill with cars down below him in the background, and the cars just look like crappy little rectangles and the illustrator writes the words on the pages “These are cars” and points an arrow to them. The layout of this comic book is more eccentric than any I have seen before. Some pages are large pictures with hidden little comic boxes in them, some are one big picture divided into 12 sections with different words in each, some have large pictures and small pictures combined, then about ¼ of the way through the book you have to flip...
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Integrative Arts- Web Journal 5 - “My Inner Bimbo”...

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