RudyGiuliani - Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani"He is a hero...

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Leadership by: Rudolph Giuliani “He is a hero to many, an icon of steadfastness in the midst of chaos. For his surprisingly subtle touch, for his very real tears and for reluctantly taking center stage…” (Time Magazine). To most he is a hero, to others he is a one of the greatest leaders known in the 21 st century. However people see him, Rudolph William Giuliani has been a brave leader through tough times. “Rudy” Giuliani became mayor of New York in 1994 and continued his strong leadership until 2001. Some of the things that Giuliani changed in his role as mayor are the ways to fight crime in the city, cutting taxes to benefit the people of New York, the fiscal responsibility, welfare, education, the quality of life as a New Yorker, and children’s services. Another major issue that Rudy Giuliani faced was the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11 th , 2001. He used and created new theories and key points on management of a large city that benefited everyone. The tools that launched him to being such a successful mayor were: processing the days challenges, making everyone accountable, surrounding yourself with great people, reflecting upon a situation before making a decision, develop strong beliefs, being your own man. Giuliani believed that loyalty and discretion and standing up to bullies were necessary. He also believed in order to be a great leader never stop learning, organize around a purpose, and only make a deal that can be kept. He has defeated many battles not only as being mayor, but also in his own life. The struggles that this man has
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encountered are more exhilarating than most people will ever know. That is why Rudy Giuliani is a remarkable leader. Born on May 28 th , 1944, Rudy Giuliani was welcomed into a working class family from Brooklyn, New York. His ancestors were Italian immigrants, which helped him learn quickly to appreciate everything given to him and to work harder for the things he didn’t have. Also, this made him become proud of his country, and he never took being an American for granted. His parents knew he was a leader when he decided to attend law school upon graduating from high school. Being in college taught him to have respect for others and try hard to succeed in life. After graduating, he soon became quite interested in politics and joined the office of the United States Attorney in 1970. Giuliani through with the leadership skills and the love for his country he could truly make a difference in the life of others. As his career progressed he realized that preparation and not making assumption was the key to success. He decided that the best way to perform his job was “with careful preparation, thoughtful experiment, and determined follow though” (Giuliani). Giuliani wanted to become a powerful authority figure so he could use his leadership and organizational skills to serve others. On November 2, 1993 Rudy Giuliani was elected mayor of New York City.
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RudyGiuliani - Leadership by Rudolph Giuliani"He is a hero...

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