Mary Kay - More Than a Pink Cadillac"God didn't have time...

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More Than a Pink Cadillac “God didn't have time to make a nobody, only a somebody. I believe that each of us has God-given talents within us waiting to be brought to fruition” (Mary Kay Ash). The woman that brought the cosmetics world to a whole new level would be none other than Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics. This woman inspired thousands of women all over the world. She decided to start Mary Kay Cosmetics to boost not only her, but all other women’s self esteem and the knowledge that if a man can do it, so could a woman. Mary Kay cosmetics have grown from the humble beginnings of a five thousand dollar investment, with the help form her son, to a two billion plus company. Her cosmetics line is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide. Mary Kay's business methods were eccentric and attracted a lot of attention when she gave her top sales persons a pink Cadillac as motivation and gratitude for their hard work in the company. Not only has Mary Kay Ash changed people’s lives, she has built a leadership empire unlike any other. More Than a Pink Cadillac provides insights into a unique and extraordinarily successful business, one that grew out of a simple set of powerful principles. There are nine keys that have made the Mary Kay incorporation a success. These key tools are: create and maintain a common bond, create the future, make me feel important, motivate others with recognition, never leave your values, learn to innovate, foster balance, have a higher purpose, and you’ve got to be great. The principles Jim Underwood reveals in this book have influenced the lives of men and women around the world.
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Mary Kay felt that enriching women’s lives is not just about money or material possessions. It is about caring, helping people through tough times, and celebrating their achievements. There are companies that create an attitude that goes beyond just punching the clock and going home at the end of the day. They do that by creating a common bond. The bond is more than simple trust and honesty. It is a commitment among and between people that is ultimately a key aspect of the relationship between the company and it’s people. It is this bond that helps drive the performance of exceptional companies. Mary Kay Ash took a personal responsibility for reinforcing the common bond. At the peak of her business career, she personally sent letters and cards each month to her employees. She would not only sign the letters herself, she would try to include something inspirational and personal in each of the letters. Over time, this is what Mary Kay’s company adopted as their care list concept. She developed a system where she heard weekly from every sales director about illness or tragedy within her company. She would then call or write a note of encouragement or condolence. This is the common bond of strength, care, and commitment that grows stronger everyday and builds a relationship within the business. “It’s people, united by a common bond who
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Mary Kay - More Than a Pink Cadillac"God didn't have time...

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