ALED 440-1 - Teleological Change"A new leader has to be...

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Teleological Change “A new leader has to be able to change an organization that is dreamless, soulless and visionless . .. someone's got to make a wake up call” (Bennis). Leaders hold the almighty power of this world. Most people understand that without someone to look up to, a task is harder to complete. The benefit of having this power source is that individuals can believe in one person’s ideas and not have to rely on giving an input. Also, having a leader can be helpful when dealing with situations that are very important to the growth and success of a society. Some drawbacks to relying on one person is that when an individual wants to give an input, it will not be used in the decision making process. Leaders are the only one with a thought in the matter. Can a society ready for changes complete a task without a leader? A teleological change is best described as a simple phrase; leaders are the key to success. Change occurs because of leaders and what they put into their ideas for the future. One sole leader is easiest when going through planning. When there is only one person to decide, things go smoother and there is less argument and strife. Also, there is an easier strategy to follow when one person is in charge. Individual leaders are very important for the change process. “At the center of the process is the leader, who aligns goals, sets expectations, models, communicates, engages, and rewards” (Theories and Models). In teleological change the leader is always the main focus. The “change master” looks for the problems at the beginning of a situation and continues to fix problems all the way through the process of change. Also, the leader is ready to fix
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solutions at any time. “Whoever is providing leadership needs to be as fresh and
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ALED 440-1 - Teleological Change"A new leader has to be...

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