WMST Analysis Paper 3

WMST Analysis Paper 3 - Gender Diary 11/4/1007: I was...

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Gender Diary 11/4/1007: I was shopping at the mall today and noticed that almost every clothing store had only females working. There was one place that I went that a man was working, but he was clearly gay. When my boyfriend and I went to a sports and outdoors store I noticed the exact opposite. Every single employee that was there was a male. 11/5/2007: I went to a restaurant tonight and noticed that 6 of the 7 chefs were male. Also, the hostesses were all female and the wait staff was about half and half. The manager who walked around was a male, which I seem to notice at every restaurant I go to. 11/6/2007: When I was at class today I started to think about the gender split amongst my professors. My art teacher is a female and all of the rest of the art teachers that I know about are females as well. I asked her if she had realized the lack of males in her department and she said that women seem to think more artistic then a men do. My Public Relations class, in the department of Agricultural Communication and Journalism, is taught by a female. In fact, all of the AGCJ professors, except for one, are female. 11/7/2007: I went to visit my best friend at her work today. She works at a salon here in town. When thinking about all of the gender roles I noticed that there were not only no male hair stylists, but there were also only female customers in there. I asked her they ever have men come in there to get their hair cut. She said that hardly ever will they have a guy come in there because they were known as more of a salon than just a place to get your hair cut. Also, she said that thinking back on hair school, the only guys cutting hair were gay or transvestites.
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11/8/2007: I was walking on campus with my boyfriend today and we passed two guys holding hands. He was so grossed out by seeing this. It honestly did not bother me at all. I asked him why it was so gross to see two men together but not two women. He said that men are supposed to be masculine and the fact thattwo guys kiss and have a relationship just like a guy and girl freaks him out. He said when he thought about it, two girls does sound like a turn on, but really it isn’t that much different. He feels like the way God intended us to be is how we should be;
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WMST Analysis Paper 3 - Gender Diary 11/4/1007: I was...

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