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The first artifact I chose is a commercial about Pizza Hut. In the commercial a mom and her two daughters are walking in from the car to go inside. One of the girls asks “what’s for dinner” and the mom says “dad is cooking.” The two girls roll their eyes and the mom says “it will be alright, I hope”, as she has a worried look on her face too. When they walk inside, the dad is sitting at the table with a Pizza Hut box and plates and says “dinner’s ready!” and the two girls high five and are very excited, as well as the mom. In my opinion our culture, as Americans, has been based upon the fact that women cook and clean, while dads go make the money. The problem is that is not the case anymore. Growing up, my dad worked 11 hour days, then came home and cooked. My mom’s meals were ok, but my dad was great at cooking. The thing is that we usually think that mom cooks well and the dad cooks badly. I believe that by putting the title on the parents were gender profiling.
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