02 - The Republic in the 19th Century

02 - The Republic in the 19th Century - February 22, 2008...

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February 22, 2008 The Republic in the early 19 th Century I. The Jeffersonian Republic a. ** abolished most taxes on citizens (whiskey tax) i. Reduced the army and the navy ii. Reduced the national debt iii. However DID NOT attack the bank of the US. b. Yeoman Farmer as Model Citizen i. Neither at the top nor at the bottom ii. Economic independent but not concerned with profit. 1. Crucial balancing act. c. i. Since Federalists lost control of the Executive and Legislative branch of Government, so they tried to maintain power in the judicial branch 1. In response, republicans remove some positions that federalists had created ii. Marbury was appointed as justice of peace by Adams 1. Jefferson tried to withhold his appointment to replace him with a Republican iii. Judiciary Act 1. Cases involving federal officials would be decided by the supreme court 2. Expanded the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court iv. Chief Justice John Marshall 1. Federalist background 2. Court does not have the power to grant Marbury the position 3. Court upheld the doctrine of Judicial Review a. Confirmed its power to determine the constitutionality of federal law d. Louisiana Purchase i. Jefferson needed Land ii. Napoleon Bonaparte 1. Out of the French Revolution 2. Goes to war with Britain 3. Napoleon takes the Louisiana territory back a. Wants to establish a French empire in the new world b. Mass rebellion against French colonists in Haiti c. Lack of funds makes him willing to sell his Louisiana territory d. Sells it to America for $15 million.
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i. Nowhere in the Constitution says the president or anyone for that
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02 - The Republic in the 19th Century - February 22, 2008...

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