01 - Federalists and Republicans

01 - Federalists and Republicans - Federalists and...

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Unformatted text preview: February 20, 2008 Federalists and Republicans Time Period: 1790s – 1 st half of 19 th Century I. Founders’ Disdain for Parties and “Factions” a. They t ried to take measures so to prevent dictatorship and dangers of factions (one faction taken control over all else. b. James Madison i. Believed that the size of American Republic is a good thing because of diversity. ii. No one faction can be dominate all the time c. When Washington took office, there were key questions that have not been answered i. Solution led to multi-party political system I I. Divisive Issues and Opposing Responses a. Hamilton’s Economic Program i. Federal Assumption of State Debt, Bank of US 1. National Government would assume the debt of States 2. National Government would also buy back the states currency at face value. 3. Federal Government will charter a BANK OF T HE US. a. Public corporation b. Funded by private capital 4. Federal Government will put high tariffs on imported goods a. Wants goods from other countries to be more expensive ii. Hamilton’s Goal: Strong federal Government 1. Favored federal power over state power 2. Just because it’s not in the Constitution DOES NOT mean it can not be implied. 3. Subordinate the states to the federal government a. Wanted the states to be dependent on the federal government economically and eventually politically....
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01 - Federalists and Republicans - Federalists and...

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