Creating a new nation

Creating a new nation - What does Franklin think about...

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What does Franklin think about religion? What is his religious mindset? What public groups does he support? Does he actively seek political office? If not then how does he come to gain political power? How important are appearances to him? What are Franklin’s economic origins? Does Franklin support the education of white women? Creating a New Nation I. Articles of Confederation a. Weak Central Government i. “firm league of friendship” ii. One state – one vote iii. Lots of power in foreign policy 1. Sign treaties, declare wars, form alliances, admit new states, borrow money. iv. No power to tax citizens v. No power to regulate interstate commerce vi. NO EXECUTIVE BRANCH TO ADMISNISTER LAWS PASSED BY THE LEGISLATURE. vii. Needed unanimous votes. b. Reflected former Colonists’ distrust of Centralized Government Power i. Wanted to make sure this new government was weak ii. Wanted a government that wouldn’t infringe on individual rights II. Postwar Economic and Political Crisis a. Economic Depression: Severe inflation and War Debt
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Creating a new nation - What does Franklin think about...

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