geography 301 test 2

geography 301 test 2 - Canada very little occupied/ maple...

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Canada very little occupied/ maple leaf flag/ q. of e. ceremonial ruler constitutional monarchy / elected parliament// federation Ottawa is capital/ constrained by climate and topography water st. Lawrence livers to great lakes to n. Atlantic poor soils i-69 NAFTA Quebec was French capital French consolation prize everyone else had islands in Caribbean nova Scotia = new Scotland, roman catholic Acadians resettled to Louisiana (Cajuns) fur trade and fisheries Voyageurs travel in birch canoes to trade with Indians all the way down miss. Ferdinand La Salle Architect of New Spain, tried to take Texas from Spain and wiped out Hudson Bay Company Métis - white and Indian descendants of fur traders long lots - land with narrow lots along river battle of Quebec f lose Canada, Political separatist movement origin of bonfires pagan then St. john the Baptist. great lakes lake effect control temp Montreal where Ottawa river joins st. Lawrence 33 million people us pop 310 million Canada and N.E. ties in steel W. Canada separatist movement and nova scota separatist movement all want different things
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geography 301 test 2 - Canada very little occupied/ maple...

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