ANIN 107 Test #2

ANIN 107 Test #2 - Brandi Pustka 7 ANSC 107 TEST #2 Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: Brandi Pustka 7 ANSC 107 TEST #2 Notes Sheep and Goats: Leaders in sheep production: Australia- 1 India 2 China 3 Consumption: New Zealand - 1 with 59 pounds Leading States in US Texas California Wyoming South Eastern States Forbes/Grass/Browse: Sheep prefer forbes, grass, browse Goats prefer browse, forbes, grass Cattle prefer grass, forbes, browse Range Production: Prefer arid areas Range sheep/goats generally lamb/kid on open range.(fed with supplemental salt) Haemonchus Contortus (barberpole worm) is a major parasite problem Feed Supplement: salt and mineral Dont feed copper because it will kill sheep Utilize guard animals for protection Dog, llama, jenny Farm Flock: 25-300 head More intensively managed Higher cost of production so must have more offspring Main predators are dogs, coyotes, and hogs Wool Production: On avg. one sheep will produce between 6-8 pounds of wool per shearing Usually sheared 1 time per year Only takes 2-3 minutes 60% of world wool goes to China Sheep Feedlot: Lambs fed high concentrate diets- 80-90% grain Colorado is #1 in lamb feeding Enter at 70-90 pounds Leave at 120-150 pounds In the feedlot for 4-10 months Lambs sold based on dressing percent 50% and carcass weight Most of the lambs come from new Zealand Major diseases: Brandi Pustka 7 Overeating enterotoxaemia or Pulpy Kidney Urinary Calculi Seedstock: Provides genetics for commercial Require extensive management and record keeping The flocks that produce show sheep often have little contact with the commercial industry Minor breeds wouldnt remain if it werent for this group of International Sheep Leaders: (number of sheep) New Zealand Australia China SWINE: Swine Production: China 380 million USSR- 69 million US- 58 million Per Capita Consumption: Denmark Sweden Poland Swine Management systems: Farrow to Finish operator- Sow to sale Feeder Pig Producer- sells when weaned Same as farrow to finish except market pigs at 30-50 pounds....
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This note was uploaded on 03/25/2008 for the course ANIN 107 taught by Professor Holub during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M.

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ANIN 107 Test #2 - Brandi Pustka 7 ANSC 107 TEST #2 Notes...

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