History 106 Notes Test 1

History 106 Notes Test 1 - Brandi Pustka 22 History 106...

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Unformatted text preview: Brandi Pustka 22 History 106 Notes Test 1 Effects of the Civil War North Morrill Tariff Morrill Land act National Banking Act Homestead Act and transcontinental Railroad South Land values, crops and position of whites were bad Southern slavery Former slaves Citizenship and legal rights Landless Freedmens bureau- march 1865- O. Howard Distribute food to slaves Negotiate new labor contracts between the owners and the slaves Slaves Slaves cost more to buy than to produce Slaves didnt know what they were going to do after the war because the South was wiped out Developing a reconstruction plan On what terms should the defeated confederacy be reunited with the union? Who should establish the terms Congress of the President What system of the labor should replace plantation slavery? What position would blacks take in the social and political life of the south and the nation? Rehearsals US Army- start to take different places and the slaves fled Creation of West Virginia Military governors in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana LINCOLN Reconstruction: Belief in southern unionism 10% plan- once 10% of the voters pledge to the union they can be let back into the union Implemented in Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana Congressional Response: Wade-Davis Bill Makes citizens sign a paper that says they never took arm in the war. Lincolns use of pocket veto 2 nd Inaugural speech Lincolns assassination Possible outcomes JOHNSON Reconstruction: Andrew Johnson Radical republicans Brandi Pustka 22 At first liked Johnson plan Johnson hated rich planters in the south but grew up in the south Johnsons reconstructions plan Union indestructible Just let it be: they were apart of the union at once so they can be agian Amnesty and pardon Gives pardons to the rich so they cant vote. Just like Lincoln State conventions Southern Response New governments Black codes Limit the rights of the freed slaves Blacks can now have legal marriages Blacks can own property in most areas Blacks have to have a job or they could be taken by the state Congressional Response Radical republicans: GO CRAZY Conquered provinces argument Forfeited rights theory You arent states any more so you forfeited you rights so you cant just come back cold. It is going to take a while Expulsion of southern delegates Kick delegates out of congress for a while Johnson vs. Congress Veto freedmens Bureau We dont need this anymore because we arent in war anymore Civil rights Acts Johnson Vetos but congress overides Congress overrides The Moderates Fourteenth Amendment Citizenship, due process and equal protection Repudiation of confederate war debt People who lended money to the war would not get their money back...
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History 106 Notes Test 1 - Brandi Pustka 22 History 106...

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