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1.Across Five Aprils; Irene Hunt; 1964; 190 pages 2.Jethro, a nine-year old boy, has three brothers, Bill, John, and Tom. John, Tom, and their cousin Eb are eager to fight for the Union in build-up to Civil War. Jethro struggles with the split between them, as Bill decides to join the Confederacy. One day Jethro travels to Newton, and overhears criticism of his brother, Bill. While he is riding back he is warned that the critics are up to no good. Soon after, the family learns that Shad (Jethro’s sister’s boyfriend) had been wounded and is in the hospital. At the end of the war, their family is safely reunited and filled with joy! 3.I think the title “Across Five Aprils” means that’s how long the war went on, and how long Jethro had to wait for his whole family to be reunited again. 4.My first impression of Jethro is that he was very important to his family members and that his family members were very important to him. He showed that his family was very important
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Unformatted text preview:to him by being so heartbroken about the death of one of his brothers. But he was very happy in the end when they were all reunited. 5. A change in the main character happened when Jethro runs off but was found by Shad and he told him the he and Jenny are going to college, and that they will take Jethro with them. Jethro was filled with joy during that moment! 6. A memorable passage from the book was the very first sentence. " Ellen Creighton and her nine-year old son, Jethro, were planting potatoes in the half-acre just south of their cabin that morning in mid-April 1861" I chose that sentence because it sets the exact setting in the beginning of the book, so that you know what's going on and where it's taking place. 7. A discovery I made after reading this book is that family is very important and that you never know if they're going to be taken away from you.