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WRA 1st polished final - Mark Parayil 1 Introduction As a...

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Mark Parayil 1 Introduction As a young child, I was always taught in school how life in America was during the 1950s. Many of my classmates would recollect stories of their grandparents living a similar lifestyle described in the textbooks. Coming from a different ethnicity and country, I realized that my grandmother’s lifestyle would be different. Many students feel that their family history is boring and irrelevant; however they can’t be more wrong. It is very inspirational and in enlightening to hear about one’s personal tale about a hardship that relates to a common event. In relation to the matter, I have researched on my mother and grandmother, since my parents are the first generation in America. I have interviewed my grandmother, Chachyamma Thomas, and my mother, Annie Parayil to discover how life was in India my mom’s transition to settling to America. Methods Many of the sources I used related to Chachyamma’s lifestyle. To start off, I used a scholarly article called “Coconut Economy of Kerala.” I chose this article because Chachyamma used to sell coconuts growing in her backyard in the market to support her family. Secondly, I used an “India: Fact book for Children”, which mentions that Indian Railways are one the biggest employers in the world. I chose this source because this related to the career of Chachyamma’s husband. Thirdly, I used a source coming from a small entry on Kerala in the Colombia Encyclopedia, sixth edition from 2001to 2005 describing the type of state Chachyamma lived in. I also used a source describing how marriages in India were handled between couples from a book called “Social Mobility in Kerala.” This book helped me to detail how Chachyamma met my grandfather, Jacob Thomas. Also, I later mention the vast diversity of fruits that South
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Mark Parayil 2 India holds due to the humid climate. In relation to this, Chachyamma had many different types of fruits around her environment which is detailed in “South Indian Fruits and their Culture.” Furthermore, I used a scholarly journal called “Governments and Culture: How women made Kerala literate.” This journal describes how the literacy rate was high in the 1940s. Also, most of the detailed information that is about to be presented came from my grandmother, Chachyamma during a phone interview because she is in India right now. Finally, I interviewed my mother, Annie Parayil, to understand her experiences in America, since she is the first generation of my family here. Chachyamma also presents information on my mother how it must of felt coming to America in the 1990s. I was not able gather any census information on my mother because she was not born in America. Narrative The story begins with Chachyamma being born to Mariamma Thomas and T.O. Thomas on January ninth, 1965 in the Kallisery, Kerala. In accordance to the Colombia Encyclopedia, Kerala is described as tropical rainforest with a wide array of flora (Kerala). She was the oldest
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