1st final paper - Mark Parayil The Dynamics of Insider vs....

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Mark Parayil The Dynamics of Insider vs. Outsider Going through elementary, middle school, and high school, people experience different types of cliques or groups. Most people eventually fit into one, however, some never find one to fit into. Once in a clique, the people in it begin to form their own little tight community and they begin to treat outsiders differently. Today, there are news of fraternities and sororities hazing students who are pledging for them. Also, there are incidents going back to high school of hazing in sports. All these little groups and organizations have their own small cultures and traditions. Many of these groups are stereotyped negatively due to these practices. However, it seems that to truly understand a culture, one must fully meld within the atmosphere of the group and feel as if they were part of it all along. This brings along the topic of insider vs. outsider. To begin with, the first address is Stranger with a Camera . At first glance this article seems like shocking news about a camera man shot for trespassing on a land owner’s property. On the contrary, a closer look at the article shows how one man’s cultural nurturing is highly different from the mainstream culture. The story went as far to say that the community that Ison lived in supported him during his court case and as a result he was let of on a light sentence. Many people at the time were shocked to find out that Hobart Ison believed he was innocent and what he did was just an appropriate response to an unwelcome visitor. According to the article, a psychiatrist concluded that socio-cultural circumstances led to the diagnosis of an individual who is normal for his culture (Trillin 182). It seems that since he lived in a small poor rural town, he didn’t want any city folk to portray his town in any bad way with cameras. Also since he was brought up within this town throughout his life and wasn’t exposed to any outside elements, it seems like he was brainwashed into believing what he was doing was right for the community. In
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Mark Parayil addition, majority of the community supported him through his court case. Another view for
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1st final paper - Mark Parayil The Dynamics of Insider vs....

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